The bolts and tubes have a high corrosion resistance
under acid conditions and are well suited for permanent support.
The improved flexibility of long tendons is well suited for
application without couplings in confined locations.
Due to its high tensile strength the bolt has a high and
immediate load bearing capacity if applied with fast setting resin capsules.
The low weight facilitates handling.

 FiReP® POWERTHREAD® is a system of  FRP rock bolts
and FRP injection tubes with advanced strength and head load.
It was developed for strata support in mining and tunneling
as well as for slope and face stabilization.
Due to continuous coarse thread profiles the bolts and tubes
can be trimmed if needed. The products have a high ultimate load
and due to their profile they offer a maximum bondage with
all grouting material.

The cutting ability protects machinery and equipment and prevents damage
to machinery and equipment and prevents damage to machinery
while drifting and enlarging tunnels.