FiReP® REBAR FRP reinforcement can either be 
used for
permanent applications e.g. 
in case of requirements of highest durability,
maintenance free and corrosion free structures as well as
 in the case of the requirement to avoid disturbances 
of electric or magnetic fields or for temporary application (e.g. Soft-Eyes).
For temporary reinforcement of diaphragm walls
it is now state of the art to use a mixed cages of steel in the upper
 and lower section and FRP in the middle section.
This section, called “Soft-Eye”,  that will later be cut by TBM,
is important for time 
and cost effective operation of TBM.

FiReP® REBAR FRP reinforcement is the production range
for internal reinforcement of concrete structures. 
It offers a wide range of different shapes,
that almost every shape known
from steel rebar can be produced in FRP.