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1998    Introduction of TIELOCK tie rod for formwork application
1999    Development of continuously profiled FRP rods
2003    Takeover of FRP Rockbolts division from Weidmann by Rockbolt System AG (MBO). Beltec-Rockbolt Group was founded.
2004    Development and introduction of REBAR product range
2004    Production of bars and accessories starts in Shanghai
2005    Slovenian plant is put into operation
2008    Formation of FiReP® Group with the new product concept “Durability for the future”.
2011    Formation of FiReP® Rebar Japan LTD.
2013    Formation of FiReP® Rebar North America Inc.


FiReP® Group is one of the world's largest producer of FRP pultruded bars with unique profiles and thread functions for application in

   Mining Application  Mining
   Tunneling Application  Tunneling

The Group has two plants in Shanghai (China) and Velenje (Slovenia), certified according to ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 and a production capacity of 6 mio production meters. With subsidiaries in the 6 countries Switzerland, Germany, China, Slovenia, Canada and Japan and together with well-known and highly qualified distributors the group offers worldwide presence and service on site.

Already in 1985 WEIDMANN AG in Switzerland developed the first FRP rock bolts and established the rock bolts in the tunnelling industry and following in the mining industry worldwide. Many years of development resulted in the unique ALL-THREAD FRP rock bolt, which thread-profile has become standard. After a MBO and foundation of Beltec-Rockbolt System AG the company was reorganized in 2008 under FiReP® Group using the new product slogan
"Durability For The Future".

The slogan Durability for the future offers the double sense of permanent products as well as consistent work on improving this new technology. The challenge is daily motivation and power to satisfy customers needs and to provide up-to-date products on high quality level.

The name FiReP® is not only the brand of FiReP® Group but also the name of our Fibre Reinforced Polymer products. These products are highly durable and will not need any maintenance or replacements. FiReP® Rock Bolts and Rebars do not coorode and are durable in even high acid or alkanie environment. Whenever a high durability is required FiReP® products are the right choice, providing high strength and cost effective solutions.