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Tel Aviv Light Rail - Launching Shaft Am Hmoshavot

Owner : Danya Cebus
Engineer : GASH Bridge & Building Engineering Ltd.
Consulting Advisor : Eliezer Shamier
Application : Soft-Eye
FiReP Solution : permanent FRP reinforcement for Soft-Eye breaktrough
Construction date : 09/2012
Products : FiReP Rebar straight d=36mm, d=25mm, FiReP Rebar stirrups d=25mm
General information : General information : The Launching Shaft Am Hmoshavot is the starting point of the Red Line of Metro Tel Aviv, connecting Bat Yam with the Kiryat Aryeh Maintenance Depot. 2 TBM break-throughs are required at this shaft, therefore diaphragm walls were constructed using FiReP FRP reinforcement.

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